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Weekend Recap: DC Chilling

April 4, 2011

Each time I venture to my native Eastern Coast, I beckon to reconcile with the fact that I always seem to leave yet again. As a native NYC girl at in practice and in spirit, there are very few, and I would argue absolutely no places that compare. DC, however comes to a close second. I spent the past weekend back on the familiar East Coast exploring all the District had to offer. Spring time in DC nothing short of beautiful and with the blossoming Cherry Blossoms, the city transformed once again to the beautiful place I’ve remembered it to be.

The blossoming cherry trees symbolize the arrival of spring and brighten the area surrounding the Jefferson Memorial on the Tidal Basin along with various main streets with their vibrant pale pink and white flowers.

Upon deciding to visit DC, I knew the number one to do on my list was to conduct my own mini cupcake crawl due to the abundance of bakeries and cupcake eateries the city had to offer. A lover of all things sweet, I couldn’t not walk away from the opportunity to taste test famous District eateries. The only problem, I had given up *sweets* for Lent. I fought myself trying to come with every excuse to taste a cupcake, but couldn’t. I decided to buy cupcakes, take them home, and freeze them as a treat after Easter. Compromise right? My first stop, the ever famous Georgetown Cupcakes.

Upon arrival, the extremely long line deterred me from even standing in line for a cupcake. Then, a friend recommended I try a bakery which was actually deemed better than Georgetown Cupcakes and almost always never had a line blocks long. We walked the short distance to Baked & Wired, and I knew had to purchase some.

Baked & Wired had the cutest little enterior, which a full coffee bar as well as seating area for guests. I perused the menu, and decided on the Carrots and Cake cupcake as well as the Chai Tea cupcake, which were HUGE!

Sadly, the cupcakes did not make it with me to my final destination. While sprinting through the airport to make a connecting flight, the box accidentally fell from my purse onto the floor. I had no time to cry disappointed tears, otherwise I would have remained in Atlanta for the night, which was not an option. I’m bummed that I didn’t get to taste these cupcakes, but that only means I’ll make it up to myself with some from my favorite cupcake eatery, Molly’s Cupcake once Lent is over!

I spent the remainder of my weekend in DC exploring the beautiful neighborhoods and gorgeous scenery. I love the District for all that it has to offer, and cannot wait to return. Next time I visit DC, I’ll be sure to explore even more and experience the rich culture in which the city is comprised of.



Do you ever travel alone? If not, how do you deal with compromising with various preferences to either relax on your host’s staycation or explore during your vacation? If you do travel alone, what are the ways in which you maximize your time in your destination?

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