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October 2013 Financial Goals

October 4, 2013

I am so grateful that the weather has finally decided to cool down. I also think I am one of the very few people who look forward to payday because it means I get to pay my bills and put my budget/plan to work. Now that I’m back to budgeting on a monthly basis, it is reassuring to know exactly how I am going to use my paycheck, and that I actually gave it thought and consideration. I think financial maintenance is all about knowing your current status (knowing exactly how much you take home, knowing your spending habits, knowing what your goals are- if they exist, and knowing what your commitments are, etc.). Self awareness really is so important when keeping a grip on your financial obligations. For this month, my budget may look a little different from it did in the past, and that is because I added new line items and am beginning to pay back student loans. I highlighted my debt in light blue. In the next month or two, I’ll begin to save for two major trips I’m taking next year. One, is a EuroTrip that I will hopefully go on with my sisters, the other is for a bachelorette Weekend in L.A. I’ve never been to the West Coast (shame, I know), so I’ll be looking to fly that way a little before the festivities start to explore on my own.

Other than that, here is my October Financial Budget:

Screen shot 2013-10-04 at 7.23.19 AM


  • Dental Costs– I’m getting braces! I decided to just go for it. My initial down payment will be $600, then I will contribute $125 a month throughout the course of treatment.
  • Cell Phone- seriously, I pay wayyy too much for a cell phone. Must do something about it. I’m thinking of going the prepaid route. Has anyone ever used a prepaid plan?
  • Transportation- Minimal allocation for transportation because I typically bike to work and around the city!
  • Groceries– You may look at the $35 and say “How??”. I am in an Eat My Kitchen challenge. Essentially, I am going to shop my cabinets (I have so much dried bulk food…rice, beans, peas, etc). I’ll only go to the farmers market to get veggies.

October Goals:

  • $50 into Emergency Fund- I typically allocate much more, but this month I am getting braces so I decided to save less.
  • Secure one wholesale contract for my venture, Uriomma Delicately Smooth
  • Work out 4-5x/week.
  • Keep credit card utilization at 10-15%- Getting the right amount of “balance” to show on my credit card statement has been a game for the last few months. I think I finally got it. I’ll report on it once I receive my September card statement.
  • Make weekly food plan. I eat based on what I’m feeling at the moment, but having an outline will help me stay on target when deciding what I want to eat. Using a meal plan when shopping means I can only choose from what I have available rather than going to the store for ingredients for a certain craving.
  • Buy Plane Ticket for Thanksgiving 
  • Read one book for fun

Ongoing 2013 Annual Goals:

  • No buying lunch, snacks or coffee during the work week
  • No buying clothing, shoes or accessories for the remainder of the year. This includes thrift stores as well!
  • Try to make a difference in the life of one person. A significant difference
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  1. October 13, 2013 5:13 pm

    I use Excel for my budget and it has definitely helped me get on track for the month of September. August was so financially challenging for me, especially since I was finally making the money and then having to spend most of it to catch up. The Excel sheet helped me to catch up and keep everything in perspective.

    Good luck with your goals. I’m trying not to order out so much but with my schedule, cooking enough in the evening time for work is becoming so tiring. But, I have decided to reduce the spending by allowing myself two days to eat out.

    I’ve also been considering braces. It’s been far too long since I’ve taken a trip to the dentist and I’m definitely long overdue.

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