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A Fly Weekend

February 27, 2012

I absolutely love weekends like this. Although it was a tad bit cold, the sun shone bright and the weather was really nice. Here are what weekends are made of:

I attended my very first clothing swap! Dash Me, is a clothing swap event modeled after the very famous Nigerian term: “Dash Me!”. Dash Me in a Nigerian slang term that simply means give me that which you have. Often the item that is being requested is something that is admirable and coveted. The rules of the Dash Me swaps are simple: bring worn clothing/shoes/accessories you no longer want. After the items are inspected, you will receive a number indicating the quantity of items you’ll be allowed to leave with (equivalent to the amount that was accepted). Once all the items have been arranged, it is a free for all! When you are ready to leave, you check out your items and get to enjoy your new additions to your closet. I absolutely love the idea of a clothing swap because we all have items in our closet that we no longer use for one reason or another. It was great to walk away with new to me, free clothing while others have the opportunity to enjoy things I no longer wanted in my closet. Plus, everyone who attended was super nice, and we hung out for hours just chatting about hair, life, food, and of course clothing!

I finally had the opportunity to replace my exfoliator and face lotion. I have used the Positively Radiant for years and absolutely love how non-harsh it is on my skin. I exfoliate with the scrub 1x a week and use the lotion every morning. To daily cleanse my face, I use the OCM.

There is nothing like authentic Chinese food. I rarely ever eat it because it is hard to find good Chinese food, but the vegetable fried rice and veggie egg roll I had almost rivaled Chinese food in New York City. It was that good and inexpensive!

This weekend I attended AIGA’s sponsored event: Diaspora, the Art of Blackness. 

A beautifully curated exhibit featuring African-American designers, painters, photographers, and more in celebration of Black History Month. The meatpacking district venue was dope, the art was poignant, and most importantly the vibe was Chicago. Although I do love my hometown of NYC, there is something to be said about Chicago nights. If you have never been to the Chi, you definitely must to experience the collectivity of young adults and professionals who get together to just have an enjoyable experience.

How was your weekend? Anything fabulous happen in your city? What’s going on in your world??

♥ Chinye

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