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What Summers Are Made Of

July 5, 2011

Where is my pause button? If there are ever moments in life that I just want to stop, and relish in, these are the times. In celebration of the long weekend my friends and I piled into the car and took a trip down to the Tampa Bay area. While there we stumbled upon the prettiest, most glorious beach I have ever been on in the States. The whole time I kept wondering why I never knew something so beautiful existed here! In my mind I thought one would have to travel to the Islands to experience clear blue skies, finely sifted white sand, and the prettiest water.

It was absolutely un-freaking-believable.

If you ever want to experience homegrown beauty, simply visit anywhere along the Gulf, or the West Coast. The sea is warm, the water salty, and the tint clear.


I spent hours treading water, swimming as far as I could, and backstroking to shore, trying to avoid the high tide. In all honesty, I forgot how strenuous swimming can be. My abs and core worked hard! Even though I was a lifeguard as a teen, treading water has never been my strong suit. Now, I can tell where to step up in my fitness game. My arms, back, and stomach are sore. I will definitely start swimming some more for cardio, it has to be the best overall workout I’ve gotten in such a long time.

More than anything, the weekend company made this 4th of July away from home all the better. We laid out on the sand, applied copious amounts of sunscreen, and read I had the chance to read my book for hours. The guys, well they were guys and talked smacked until they got bored with one another. Then, busted out the chess. I’ve never seen a ‘bromance’ quite like this.


Although I initially felt the Florida heat to be too much, I know for a fact that I will miss it when I am gone. Each day has been at least 95 degrees, and I’m just so used to it now! I love having accesses to the pools, beaches, and simply being able to walk outside without any layers. The weather dropped down to 85 degrees for a few hours during last week and I could feel the difference. I debated going home to get a sweater, I felt so cold. It’s interesting to note how in just three weeks I have more than adapted to the weather. It seems normal to me now. Who am I? I know I will most likely never live in Florida, but while I am here, I am relishing in the sun. That, and eating the best street food which lines the streets.

[yum yum tacos]

No 4th of July is complete without a firework show. We arrived just in time for the opening works, and I’ll be remiss if I don’t say it was the perfect close to a perfect weekend.


I hope you are enjoying your summer! To spread a little love from down South, just leave me a comment and I will send a post card your way from the coast!

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