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Black Girls RUN! (Chi-town that is!)

April 28, 2011

I’ve been tapped…

To motivate…

To encourage…

….to lead what has now become a MOVEMENT.

Amongst the disheartening statistics reported by the Center for Disease Control which state that nearly 80% of Black Women are overweight and under fit, a fabulously wonderful blog was born. Black Girls RUN! is a reference and now an organization which encourages women to get out and get active. Plain and simple. I am extremely passionate about overall healthy living, and the maintenance of overall fitness is just right up my ally. BGR has just launched running programs across the nation, and yours truly is a running leader for the Chicagoland group. YES!

I am more than excited to be an ambassador for the organization! Myself along with two other wonderfully active ladies will lead group runs each week with the hope to make running less of an intimidation and more fun! If you are in Chicago, please check out the Black Girls RUN! facebook group and join! Each month we will post upcoming run times and locations. Plus, we’re also looking to register to run a race together (5k) this summer, which would be more than awesome.

If you are not in Chicago, fret not! BGR running groups are nation wide. Simply go to the BGR running page and get in where you fit in. I am now more so confident in the power of the internet as a connection tool than ever. As summer approaches, I have no doubt the various running groups will take off. If there isn’t a running group in your city, I encourage you to contact Ashley and Toni about starting one!

Here’s to running the city!

♥ Chinye

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