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The Road to Spring Races

March 21, 2011

Whoever said running is not easy never lied! I am in the midst of training for an 8k (on April 10th) and as each week passes by I am reminded more and more how much dedication and positive energy it takes to complete a workout. At the beginning of the year, I held a strict workout schedule. Each day, I crossed of completed runs feeling accomplished. Then, life sped up, exponentially. Between juggling work, studying, personal time, and much more, I found myself having to switch from my afternoon workouts to the morning. The only problem with the switch was that my day looked something like this: 6am wake up—->6:30 am bus ride to gym—->7am workout——>8am shower at gym—–>8:30 am rush to work——>9 am-5pm work——-> 5-9pm class/study—–> 10pm arrive at home/unwind. Needless to say I endured a significantly steep transitional curve as I tried to figure out ways to balance it all.


The month of March however, brought with it small doses of relief. While running on a treadmill can at times be convenient, I decided to make the transition to outdoor running.  Running outdoors is a completely different experience. There are a considerable amount of variables to think about. Weather. Hydration. Fuel. Running pace. Attention span. I have dealt with all of these things before, so I knew it was in my best interest to get running outside sooner than later. One thing I was not ready to deal with was varying weather conditions. So, I wanted to show some of the different weather conditions I have run in:


There have been sheets of freezing ice on the ground

Snow flurries coming down during my run

And nearly frost-bitten legs



But through it all, I’m pressing on. Nothing is going to make me feel better than to cross the finish line in April, knowing I gave it all I had to give. Although these various weather conditions are seemingly less than ideal, I can’t help but feel each run makes me stronger and more capable of handling though situations. I am interested in seeing how you handle running outdoors, when the weather is less than desirable.


What tips and suggestions do you have to make my runs a bit more bearable, given the varying weather?

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