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Hair Update: Yarn Braids

March 17, 2011

[spotted: BonBonVie Brown Skin Lady Tee]

Has day light savings time had anyone else in a warp, or is it just me? Recovering from loosing an hour of precious time had me slightly sluggish, but I’ve bounced back in seeing our day time extend! On the hair front, I’ve spent a few hours for the last four days installing yarn braids. It has taken this long because a) the braids are super long, down to my waist and b) I’m getting every bit of fun out of these warmer temps and lasting sunshine as I can. Returning to the abode near 10pm each evening means I can only dedicate an hour max to my hair, thus stretching out the time it is taking me to complete them. I am 70% done, but just thought I’d come in and share my progress. I’ve decided to do yarn braids now as the weather is warming and days are longer instead of before during the cold dreary winter months because I want little to no excuse to be in my apartment. With the hair in this protective style, I’ll rest assure I am free to swim, run, do hot yoga, party, and simple be free, living life without having to schedule ‘hair time’ into my free time. I plan on keeping them in until June, then I’ll release the ‘fro for the summer time. I’m excited for this brief hair break, because I sure do need one. The last time I had any sort of extensions was from Dec ’09-Feb ’10. It has been roughly a year and I’ve missed the break it always has given me.


I plan to rinse often, wash weekly, & moisturize using my juices n berries, honey dew, and burnt sugar pomade. I’m finishing up my bottle of the honey dew, and have found a way to use it with the yarn braids. It still doesn’t have the max staying power as my kinky curly knot today, but if I need a daily refresher, I spritz with the j&b then run a little honey dew down the length of my real hair (not all the way down the yarn braid), it is fab that way!


[length of yarn for twisting]


Reminder: If you haven’t entered my giveaway, do so soon! Ending tomorrow 3/18/2011. Have a great day!

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