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If It Ain’t Broke…

February 7, 2011

……we all know how the saying goes. I’ve thought about the many ways I could deliver this review, but in the end I have decided to deliver it straight. With no chasers. At the beginning of the year I felt some strange reason I needed to ‘try’ some new hair products. A product junkie, no. Just call me bored. Well, this is wasn’t just any ‘ol product line, it was the highly received Oyin Handmade. A company I have supported a few times since 2008 had released a new Honey Dew a few months prior and I just needed to get my hands on it. From what I have experienced of the line, Oyin Handmade creates fabulously made and well thought out hair and body care items for the eco/natural friendly individual. Their prices are EXTREMELY reasonable when compared to many small/mid size businesses. Everything I purchases was between $9-$11 and I really think those are fair, maybe even a little lowly priced for the quality, size, and effort it takes to create the line. They also recently updated their processing and shipping process. Whereas a few years ago I’d receive my package 3 weeks after placing the order, nowadays I get my package in 3 days! Nuff respect for that Oyin! As I’ve mentioned, I have sampled almost all of the product line but my absolute favorite and the one Oyin product I continue to buy once I run out is the Burnt Sugar Pomade (BSP). It smells like the sweetest maple syrup you pour on top of buttermilk pankcakes on a Saturday morning. No exaggeration. It is a smooth blend of oils and butters, and it goes onto the hair ever so lightly and leaves it feeling super soft with absolutely no greasy buildup, which is great because greasy hair is so 1982. I use the pomade as I am taking down braids for a braidout and a teeny tiny bit goes a long way. My hair is supple and smells divine! But enough of my love for the BSP, this is about my recently purchased item: Oyin Honey Dew

Price: Starting at $12.00

Product Description: This creamy, conditioning leave-in is light enough for every day. it’s great on ‘naked’ hair immediately after a cleanse, or as a way to reinvigorate tired hair all the way through your hair care cycle.

Looking for a product to wake up and moisturize your ‘second day hair’? looking for a way to make your hair pliable enough to re-style without a full rinse? just want to refresh your coils and curls and give them a shot of moisture before sealing? this leave-in is your answer! plays well with other oyin leave-ins and stylers.

imagine if the old school ‘oil moisturizers’ of the past were made of things that are actually good for your hair! as always, mineral/paraffin/petroleum free and full of nourishing castor, olive, and coconut oils instead. we also combine with aloe vera to quench the thirstiest hair… and since it’s glycerin-free it’s appropriate for even the driest of climates. give your hair a drink today!

Ingredients: purified water, castor oil, olive oil, organic aloe vera gel, behentrimonium methosulfate (emulsifier), coconut oil, olive squalane, optiphen (preservative), cetyl alcohol, and love!

My Review: Eager to try it out against my main stay leave-in conditioner, Kinky Curly Knot Today (KCNT), I promptly washed my hair and applied the Dew as a leave in. Then, nothing. The whole experience was extremely anticlimactic for me. I’m not sure what I expected, but I felt as though it fell short of what I am used to. Now, the conditioner itself is thick, smells almost parallel to the burnt sugar pomade, and once applied aids in a seemingly quick and effective detangling session. However, where the dew fell short is in it’s staying power. The first day my hair felt supple and completely saturated, but by day two I felt rather less moisturized and a little oily to the touch. The dryness concerned me so I  lightly wet my hair and reapply a small handful of the product throughout my hair.  Then, success. My hair felt normal. I did this routine for two weeks, and found a way I could use the Dew if I needed to. The dew is a product I would use if I couldn’t use my regular leave-in, but in terms of comparing it to the Kinky Curly Knot Today which i have used faithfully for the past year, it just doesn’t compete with softness, shine, and staying power.

In the end, documenting this experience has further affirmed my decision to continue my 2011 trend of Back to the Basics when it comes to how I maintain and care for this natural head of mine. Chai has recently penned out her Hair Game Plan, which has inspired me to write out my plan of returning to the basics, which shall be completed and posted very soon!


What are your 2011 hair plans? Are you anxious to try new things or have you found what is simple and works for you?


P.S. The juices and honey hemp are just as fabulous as reviews have mentioned. I re-purchased them because I use the juices when my hair is mini-twisted (for a month) and the honey hemp as a rinse out.conditioner. The cup of joe and honey wash are for my bath needs, and let’s just say they are great treats after a long work/school week 🙂


♥ Chinye

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