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MidWeek Inspiration: The Lady of Beauty

January 27, 2011

Looking back I’m thankful to realize I’ve had many mentors who have shared these same emotions and sentiments she mentions in this speech, with me. I’m also very grateful for the artist that Lauryn Hill is. To this day, I can throw on Miseducation and just jam on. Such a powerhouse of a MC, but more than that such a positive yet humble inspiration.


“Without the power of God behind what I do, I fumble.
In order to promote something higher, the only thing I can do is serve others.”

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  1. February 6, 2011 6:35 pm

    Actually I want to thank you first for the Lauryn Hill video U just blessed me with.
    My name is Ayo and I am not a female. Lolz.
    This is a huge new year gift for me. U will never understand unless you have time to real notes and stories from my book of stories of years past.
    I just want to thank you.

    PS: You tweeted about something and Logo. I can do the job if you want me to.
    Thank you again.

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