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Settling Back Into The Groove

January 11, 2011

I always find getting back into the groove of a particular routine to be the hardest during the initial first week. No surprise beginning to work out after nearly a month’s hiatus is no different. Fortunately for me, New Year has fallen upon us and there are a slew of resolution keeping individuals attending my particular YMCA. Lately, new gym patrons and old workout buddies have been my saving grace. I love seeing people begin to achieve the goals they have established for themselves. Their dedication inspires me, and has motivated me to keep up with my goals for the first quarter of the year. So for the past week and a half thanks to smiling faces and friendly hellos, I have completed each day off my training worksheet; save last Thursday when I forgot my sports bra (ughhh) and had to resort to doing the stairmaster for 20 minutes instead of running my scheduled three miles. The bf even accompanied me to the Y after running session and gave me my own strength training session. Other than race running, consistent strength training is a goal of mine. Now that he’s shown me excersises I can do at the Y, I truthfully feel less intimidated even though I know it was silly of me to be intimidated. Bring it on!

(today’s workout groove)

Another thing that helps me settle into the workout groove is eating well. I love food that is tasty and full of flavor, and can attest that healthy eating doesn’t mean boring or bland. It’s all about the seasonings! One of my favorite and quick lunches is a salad. Not your typical light lettuce and bare salad, but a real salad- full with different vegetables and toppings. Here is an example:


Romaine Lettuce, Shredded Carrots, Red Cabbage, topped with Spicy Hummus (sooo delish!).


Instead of using salad dressings which are usually high in fat, not to mention a nightmare to transport, I opt for hummus. Hummus is extremely cheap when you make it at home and you can tailor it to your particular tastes.  On top of the salad, I added a grilled Boca Spicy Chik’n Patty. In light of the recent findings by The Cornucopia Institute, a Wisconsin-based non-profit farm policy research group, where they found toxic chemicals in some soy products, I wont continue purchasing Boca products. So sad since the Chik’n patties and Boca burgers are super tasty.

(lunch salad)

Other than healthy meals, another thing I like to do if I’m hungry at work is drink tea. Drinking tea automatically makes me feel so warm on the inside and saves me from the 2pm candy machine run!!

What motivates you to stick towards achieving your goals? What are some tricks you use to keep yourself on track?

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  1. January 12, 2011 11:25 am

    Yay! for staying on track! I agree, other people’s energy can really rub off on you when you don’t have much of your own, which is part of the reason I love the gym so much more than working out on my own. Also, I so know the feeling about getting all ready to workout, then realizing you forgot something important. I did this exact same thing last Thursday. I was all prepped for an indoor running session in my work fitness center when I realized I had forgotten both a T-shirt and socks! Serves me right for frantically packing my bag right before heading out the door I guess! Lol! I decided I wasn’t going to let a pair of measly socks stop me and luckily a co-worker came to my rescue with a T-shirt!

    I’ve been nervous about the whole soy thing too, but I just don’t know if I can give up my Gardein Chik’n patties just yet! :/

    P.S. I’m gonna find you on Twitter when I get home tonight. Unfortunately, I just got the rude awakening that Twitter is blocked at work! 😦

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