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New Year Hair Happenings, Back to Basics

January 5, 2011

A Comment I left on One of My Favorite Natural Hair Blogs, Back to Curly

“I too am beginning the year focusing on the caring of my ends to retain length, moreso than attempting to weave through the endless inundation of products to try, routines to consider, and accessories to splurge on. Over the Holiday Season, I straightened my hair and found my hair to be the longest it has been my entire life — something I achieved in only 2.5 years. Honestly, I was shocked, yet proud of myself for my natural hair has become an everyday part of my life. It has shown that for me, retaining length is a byproduct of healthy and sound hair practices so I’m all in!”

As I mentioned in the comment on Back to Curly, I straightened my hair on Christmas Day. Believe me that I mulled over the decision and the process I wanted to take to insure my hair remained protected against the heat I was sure would be needed. Once the process was completed, what I saw in the mirror didn’t reflect what I had known. My hair had reached to my armpits, and now is the longest I can remember. Shocked- yes. Elated- negative. What am I supposed to do with this new fond length? My answer- nothing. It is my opinion that obsessing over hair length is not necessary for me as a natural. It is my hair’s natural tendency to shrink up, therefore I rarely am afforded the ability to see and know my true length. At peace with this fact of reality, it is my goal to focus my attention on sound practices rather than a monthly measuring of my hair’s span.

As I sat down to think of my 2011 goals, my hair and it’s needs immediately popped onto the list. One of my initial hair goals for 2011 was to begin taking care of my ends. During 2010 I kept a consistent routine of washing and conditioning 1x a week, but found myself sleeping without a bonnet to protect my ends or wearing a stretch style longer than it should have been worn. While I admit this goal is something I need to focus on (keeping my ends tucked away or moisturized while stretched), along with sleeping with my hair covered, this goal is easily attainable so now I am pledging to return to the basics.

In deciding to return to the basics, I had to wonder what exactly I had returned to and what is it that I had gravitated from. In the last year my scalp progressed from relative normality to an enraged upsurge of flaks and itchiness. Not knowing the exact cause, I turned to my dermatologists. I was diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis. That’s right, plain old dandruff. When encouraged to have a prescription filled for pills, shampoo, and oil, I politely declined. I knew I could fight this dandruff without medicinal dependency, and my wallet couldn’t take the hit of consistently filling prescriptions. While I am happy to report making a switch to a new shampoo has helped, I am going to now return to two scalp treatments I implemented consistently during my initial year as a natural: brown sugar/honey scrub and bentonite clay deep treatment. It has been over a year since I have done either, and will return at the end of the week with my description of how I used each treatment………If you have an experience with dandruff and can offer was to keep it under control, please give me a holler and let me know.

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  1. January 7, 2011 9:50 am

    I have had a huge issue with chronic dandruff for a while too. Especially since I work out a lot. The sweat completely dries out my scalp. To try and manage it, I started seeing my stylist more often to have my hair washed more frequently and that has helped, but since I work out every day it comes right back really fast! I’ve heard friends who are natural say that this is even more of a problem with natural hair. If you find out any other solutions that work well, definitely let me know!


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