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Look Towards The Roaring Mountains, the Shooting Stars

January 4, 2011

Another year is upon us and it is my hope and prayer that this new year and new decade meets you with potential, opportunity, and the ability to feel free.

Whatever it is you did not enjoy about 2010, let it draw you near the things you most thoroughly enjoy in 2011.

Be free, be open, be loved, but most of all be YOU.

I am a firm believer of the power of writing. Writing is cathartic, writing places a vision to thoughts which otherwise remain dormant. Moreover, writing is spiritual. With this spirit, as I go into the new year, here are my goals for 2011:


Weight Train 3x A Week

Continue Race Running (Register for a 5k, 8k, 10k, Half Marathon, Marathon!)

Continue Practicing Yoga 2x A Week

Try a new form of cardio (dance, pole, flag football, etc)


Wear more skirts 🙂

Protect and nourish my natural hair. I love, accept, and appreciate the beauty and simplicity of my natural hair.

Journal frequently. Journaling 101

Reconnect with Photography

Travel every other month.

Self host this blog.

Quarterly Spiritual Fast

Start my business (!)


This is just a quick snapshot of a few of my life goal I would like to achieve this year. I know there are more areas I would like to focus on, but that is why I keep a journal ready and handy. When an idea I’m eager to tackle arises, I whip out my trusty Moleskin and jot down swimming thoughts I may have. As I have shared my goals not only for this year, but my life checklist, I encourage you to map out your goals. If you don’t get to every item on your list by a specific date, it is okay. Push past the feeling of inadequacy and know that you have a vision, a vision that is unique to you and only can be completed by you.

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