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Perfectly Coifed, Hair Happenings

October 24, 2010

[that necklace….love]

My hair, my hair. I have reached a point after doing my hair for nearly all of my life that I am a bit bored with the process. Every week it’s the same thing. Hot oil treatment. Wash. Condition. Style. Yet, this weekend was no different. On a rainy, dreary Saturday afternoon I decided I’ve procrastinated enough. I opened my iTunes navigating to Maxwell’s ‘Urban Hang Suite’, played one of my favorite songs ‘Reunion’, and got to work with the usual process. To me it’s a science; every step meticulously calculated and executed to see if I beat the previous week’s process length. This Saturday however was slightly different. I slowed down a bit and allowed more time for my hot oil treatment. I let the conditioner stay for an extra 30 minutes because the weather has changed, and I knew my hair was dryer than normal. I got to thinking about hair, and the emphasis placed on it. To me, hair is just a part of my being, my femininity. My hair does not define me, but it is one aspect of my reflection to the world. And because I was raised right, I know the importance I must place on my whole physical appearance. So I take the time, and I create a process through which my hair gets love and attention. Now, that’s special.


I thought about my hair and scalp and realized I stopped doing somethings I did, say just last year. One thing in particular: I stopped oiling my scalp. Now for some, oiling the scalp is an option and may even be unnecessary. Now for me, it is a necessity. I have a dry scalp (always have) and using pure oils once helped. I have no reason to have stopped doing so, aside from the fact I ran out and was probably strictly watching my budget at the time to replace my oil. After battling a dry, itchy, and some times flaky scalp for the majority of the year I decided enough was enough. I purchased a small bottle of jojoba oil and immediately oiled my scalp. Instantly, relief. So now I know, no matter my situation, I have to oil my scalp. The rewards are just too good to not do.


After oiling my scalp, I set my hair in 10 braids for my usual weekend/church braidout. While braiding my hair I had a moment to pop in a movie. There are two main movies that make me love, love. Each time I watch I can’t help but feel connected to the feeling and the emotion. I would give anything see more movies like these in theaters. I would give anything to be a live actor in the plot. Brown Sugar, as cliché as it has become in this generation has taught me life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself. And that to me, is what love is all about.


“Simplicity provides a fine line between elegance and plainness”.

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  1. October 26, 2010 10:06 am

    I went through the same thing with oiling my scalp…during the Summer my brain instantly shut of any need to do so…but once the colder weather kicked in & it became colder, something clicked and I headed straight for my oil blends, lol. Your hair is gorgeous btw…love the thickness!
    …really should get Brown Sugar on DVD…I had the soundtrack attached to my hip while in college, lol

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