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Day 22: What makes you different from everyone else

September 2, 2010

Everything(?).  But seriously, aren’t we all different from one another? I mean there are billions of people in the world. I’m not sure what exactly the question is asking because we’re each inherently not the same yet I guess I still claim to be set apart from the norm, safe in my idea of individualism.

Well what is the ‘norm’? Depends. Depends on the demographics of your area. Depends on stereotypes. Depends on what you define yourself as.

My Individualism:

1. I’m not fond of wearing high heels. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good shoe, but most times I’ll choose comfort over cuteness. I love wearing flat boots and I’m thinking of getting a pair of low heeled (around 2.5″-3″) to be a little dressier this Winter.

2. I’m Nigerian 🙂 However it seems like most Africans in the US and in higher education are Nigerians so I’m not sure how far I can stretch this.

3. I love to eat yet hate cooking. I don’t particularly like American food.

To whoever created this ‘challenge’ let me say I really don’t like this day’s question. Everywhere around us people are trying so hard to be ‘different’ they fail to realize that by existing they are different. Stop obsessing over your own individuality and start living it.

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