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Honesty is Always the Best Policy

August 31, 2010

The Chicago Half Marathon is less than 3 weeks away and to be perfectly honest, I don’t feel as though I am ready. I’ve been debating how I feel about my training this summer, and lets face it, this summer weather has been ultimately brutal. I’ve struggled through completing long runs (the longest I’ve run is 6 miles and it took forever!) and the heat has really kept me from breathing comfortably. Initially I was excited to sign up for the Chicago Half, I thought I’d have the 4 long months to prepare, but I underestimated where I was when I initially started.  When I began training, I only ran once or twice a week and I ran/walked. It wasn’t until mid July did I up my dedication and began to run 4-5x a week. In the time I increased the frequency of my workouts, the summer kicked in. I think the more I struggled to complete workouts in the heat and humidity, the more I felt like the 13 miles was such a big task to get to. I also did not log my weekly mileage, so I have to rely on memory to account for my training plan.

The biggest reason I feel less than prepared is more psycological than physical. This will be my first ever race!  A part of me realizes that I should take it slow, and not jump into racing, so with that I decided not run the Chicago Half Marathon. Ouch I know. BUT, there is an accompanying 5k race which starts a little after the Half Marathon begins, and I am able to run in that corral so all is not completely lost! I’m excited to begin racing with a reasonable 5k distance. Who knows what will happen on race day, but I do know that I feel a lot better about my decision to start racing with a distance I know I can run fairly fast for my level.

Last week I hit the treadmill for the first time all summer (I usually run outside) and banged out 3 stead miles at a 10 min pace. It is my goal to finish sub 30 minutes for the 5k, and I’m looking forward to meeting that goal! A huge weight was lifted off my shoulder when I ran these miles because I felt like I could do it! I am aiming to go a little faster on the actual race day, but knowing that I can do a 10 min mile makes a sub 30 min goal seem attainable. Training this summer has really been life changing in that it made me step back and reevaluate my goals and what I am able to do. I know for future races I will need to write down my plan and log every single time I run, plus add some speedwork sessions, but for now I am comfortable with knowing I was able to train this summer, even though it wasn’t at the level I had aimed for. I also lost about 10 pounds with training so that is a plus 🙂

Have you ever had to change or alter a goal you set for yourself?

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