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Day 18: Goals

August 24, 2010

Alright. So I’ve sat down to write this post for a long time, and each time I came back to it I edited it. I guess I wanted to make things more realistic. Now this blog is a place where I will document what I’m thinking and how I’m feeling daily so I need to be honest and the reason I haven’t finished this post is because sating my goals holds me accountable to them, which is intense. I also believe biblically (Habakkuk 2:2-3) when you say or write something, you are to remember it as motivation to accomplish your goal. There are areas I know I want to improve in, and much of what I want to accomplish in life isn’t included here (I’ll save that for a longer post). But what this list of goals will do is give me a framework of things I want to accomplish in the immediate future, by the end of 2010.

My goals to accomplish by December 31st 2010

Pay off credit card balance of $750
This seems like a small amount, but with balancing school, work, apartment, and current bills it is taking true diligence to accomplish. I’m almost there and expect to be completely paid off in four more months. I currently use Mint.Com to manage my checking account. I’ve set up a monthly budget and have strictly stuck to it thus far.

Pay myself and save $200 each month
Check! I added my savings account to my current direct deposit and now I automatically pay myself this way. Here’s a tip: unlink your savings account from your checking account. Now in order to withdraw money from my savings account I must physically go to a branch and that journey is a deterrent in itself. My account is not available online, at ATM’s or over the phone.

Take One Graduate Course
I haven’t talked about schooling here yet, but that is something I’d like to discuss more in the future. More specifically about going to college, and my entire experience as an undergrad. I’ll be in school in the Fall working towards a B.A. in Public Policy Studies with a specialization in Economic Development and one adventitious thing about my particular University is we allow undergraduate students to take select courses at the Graduate level. I am leaning towards taking a business course, for practical skills versus economic theory which I study. Also this quarter I’m striving for a 3.5 or above! Study study study.

Drop these last 20 pounds

Yup. Another lady looking to loose weight. This is more about getting toned and lean. Running is my choice of cardio, but it also bulks me up a bit especially in my thighs. Shedding some weight thus far has helped me get faster and has increased my endurance. The rest will come off with a change in my eating habits. More veggies, less of everything else (sadly including ice cream and cookies 🙂

Complete Research Proposals & LSAT Prep
After undergrad, my next step is to work abroad or do research abroad. Come back and complete law school. There are applications to complete, LSAT prep classes to take (and find funding for), and proposals to write out. This ties into my larger goal of academic achievement.

What are your goals? What are you striving to accomplish?

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