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Let me take a picture, ’cause I won’t remember

August 9, 2010

Just some random pictures of my relaxing weekend.

1). Picked up two of my favorite magazines which I purchase every month. Yes, I’m aware magazine sales have drastically declined, but I love going to a book store each month for these two.
2-3). Window shopping through downtown.
4). Beaching it.
5-8). H&M for some back to school shopping. While I didn’t pick up anything, I sifted through some of what I believe will be influential in fall fashion. Fall is my all time FAVORITE season. Everything reminds me of coziness, warmth and love. I can almost smell Chai Teas and Pumpkin Spice Lattes in the air. In terms of clothing, I’m generally always obsessed with greys, blacks, browns, and greens, plus soft pinks and fall time provides me a opportunity to layer them all!
9). Breakfast smoothie: blueberries, strawberries, almond milk. Yum.
10). Random lunch. Veggie burger with cheese and grilled onions using my l-o-v-e (george foreman). Side of avocado and pumpkin. Give it a try. It’s so delicious.
11). My makeshift coffee pot. Don’t laugh, this here is authentic slow-filtering. I simply place a coffee filter over an empty jar and slowly pour hot water over my ground coffee beans. Works like a charm!
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