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Day 08: Short term goals for this month and why

July 8, 2010

call home 2x a week. why? because i usually don’t and it’s not cool.
practice yoga 2x a week why? i began attending regular yoga classes in june and LOVED it. at the end of june i hurt my left hand and didn’t go back to classes. although it still hurts a little, my had feels strong enough to hold a downward dog so i want to ease my way back into it.
pray & bible study daily why? in order to develop my faith and grow in the Lord i need to read His word and talk to Him daily. i often pray, but “forget” to read my bible. i know regular bible studying is the best way to learn, i just need to do it more often. maybe find a bible study group too?
check out books for summer reading list why? see a theme here? i need to read more. even though it’s summer i still want to be in books.
condition my hair every week why? its hot as all mess and my hair is super dry. i need that moisture moisture
leave my credit card at home. carry $20 why? need to stop buying random items….i really don’t need anything
start research proposal why? i want to do research abroad and that’ll require $$$. i need a proposal so i can pitch for funding

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