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Day 06: Favorite super hero and why

July 7, 2010

Catwoman. I actually could only name less than 5 superheros and out of the 5, one of them is a female lolz. The only reason I’d be catwoman because when I think of catwoman I think of a catsuit and the one person that comes to mind when I think of catsuit is Ms. Janet Jackson.

The epitome of flyness, Ms. Jackson is singlehandly flawless every time she steps into a catsuit. They take me back to the Velvet Rope days (my favorite Janet album).

Here she is working out the 2010 Essence Music Festival. I can’t take it! Done.

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  1. July 7, 2010 5:15 am

    i have been a huge janet fan since longer than i can remember. my fave album of hers is velvet rope too! and janet (again is one of my all-time fave janet songs…one of my all-time fave songs period actually). when i finally got to see her in concert….two years ago it was unbelievable. i think i was in awe the entire night.

    i can’t remember if i already wrote you a note on another blog post of yours but i wanted to say thank you for leaving your comment on my blog post (about debating whether i should go to india) and for your offer to chat via email about our desires to live/work abroad. i would love to chat with you but your email isn’t listed here….feel free to drop me a line though at imnotreallyadiva(at)gmail(dot)com – i don’t know if it’s a rare think but to me, it’s rare to come across another young black female considering going abroad to live/work…or who has a desire to do so. i’d love to touch base with you!


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