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Day 02: The meaning behind your wordpress name

July 2, 2010

wow. im blogging on my phone from the road! I’m currently somewhere in Ohio, making my way to NYC for the Holiday weekend and I’m super excited. i haven’t been home in almost 6 months and that feels like a long time so I’ll be sure to get it all in. I wanted to update my Day 02 letter before i reach NY and my hectic weekend begins. enjoy!

when i thought about beginning to blog, one of the things i struggled with is a focus for my blog. nowadays it seems to be more beneficial and highly recommended to have one specific focus when blogging because it establishes a defined audience. although i understand that logic, it just didn’t work for me. as for me i think living life gives each of us a chance to grow, to try things, to fail, and try again. the concept of the blog comes from that belief and thought. the naming of the blog comes from the process it takes.

the “IT” in my name refers to everything i have passions for. art, christianity, family, relationships, personal health, career goals , academic goals, and a holistic approach to live. these are all things i work on daily and are topic that will be reflected in this blog. i say that I’m “getting it right” when I commit to growing in those areas and seeing it through.

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