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Day 01: A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

July 1, 2010

01: i love God, believe in God, but have a hard time praying.

02: weaves disgust me. i went through a 3 year period when i wore them round the clock. never again.

03: i’m 100% nigerian and am a pure igbo bred. wouldn’t have it any other way.

04: i love to eat but don’t like cooking.

05: i hate the feeling makeup has on my skin. the most i can wear at one time is MAC Skinfinish, mascara, and lipgloss.

06: i thread my eyebrows every 2 weeks.

07: running makes me happy. i hope to complete my first marathon by the time i’m 25

08: i have the same music in rotation. neo-soul, r&b, jazz, and a little hip-hop/alternative. at this poing in my life, im so over rap.

09: i’m really good at doing hair, but probably won’t do anyone else’s besides my own and my sisters.

10: i’m a pretty big cleaner and neat freak.

11: i have the best bf out there. no, seriously i do.

12: medication makes me nervous. i’d rather not take it.

13: i’ve had my Macbook for 4 years and it hasn’t failed me. looking forward to upgrading to the Pro very soon.

14: my basic summer routine is: tee, jeans, sandals and a fedora.

15: didn’t really watch cartoons growing up, and im not a big tv watcher now. i’d rather listen to music and read.

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