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Ain’t Scared of the Rain

May 20, 2010

Who needs an air conditioned room when you have rain to keep you cool? The rain, mixed with sweat, added to a pair of pants that were too big and shoes that were half a size small did not stop me from getting out and doing my run this morning. I complete a hilly 3 miles (think up & down, up & down) on the St. Louis streets and I’m excited to be running again. The last time I ran in the rain had to be in 2004, but waking up this morning I knew there is always a time to get back in it. Hands down the entire run was a mental game. Should I stop? The hills are too steep? Come on, you just ran up that one hill, you can take this one easy. Right? Um no. I’ll admit I did stop at the 1.5 mark, which was conveniently located at the top of one hill to stretch and wait for my running buddy, but after that it was on until I got back to the apartment. If you’re wondering, I ran without music, and must admit it kinda felt good. I didn’t have my phone either (unsafe, I know) but I did run with a friend’s sister. Together we went out not really knowing what to expect, just to “turn around at the highway” and make it back safely lol.

Stats: 3.2 miles 41 minutes

Have you ever run in the rain? If so, what are your tips to keep motivated?

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  1. June 29, 2010 5:25 pm

    Way to go! You are absolutely inspiring me right now. I used to play in the rain a lot as a kid, but then I grew up I guess 🙂

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